Bisou Brand Ambassador

Come join the #BisouBabe team and become an official brand ambassador!  Being passionate about our brand and wanting to share it with other bikini fanatics like yourself is exactly what we’re looking for! We're looking for social media savvy gals who love bikinis and who create content representing the Bisou brand for social media. There are no specific guidelines on what to post, so long as it is content you have personally created. If you are already a Brand Ambassador and would like to login to your Account you can login HERE


Some perks you will receive as a Bisou Ambassador...

* A huge role in the future of Bisou by being an advocate for the brand

* The opportunity to grow your own fan base by being reposted on our social media accounts and website.

* 10% Percent of any sale you get for the company

* An Ambassador account that will show you all the sales you have made for the company as well as your payout

*Select Ambassadors will receive Free Bikinis and apparel

*Possible photoshoot opportunities


Your role as a Bisou Ambassador…

* Share content of yourself in Bisou gear on your own social media platforms

* Blog about Bisou (if you have a blog!)

* Sell as much as you can through your personal Ambassador link

* Be creative. Have fun. Wear a bikini. 


How it Works…

If you are interested in becoming a Bisou Ambassador, please fill out the form and submit your information through the link below. If we think your vibe will mesh well with ours, you'll receive your Ambassador Link, Guide and Contract with the full details of your benefits! All applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.